my first deck of this format

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my first deck of this format

Post by dracolith1996 on Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:14 am

Very Happy this deck could use some tweaking but otherwise it has worked well. does rely  on your draw somewhat but you can search out some tuners with out much of a problem. this deck is a level 3 syncro/xyz build.
the deck consists of
3x Bubonic Vermin
3x crane crane
2x dark resonator
2x drill syncron
2x tour guide
1x genex ally birdman
3x peten the dark clown
2x marauding captain
2x effect veiler

1x dark hole
2x creature swap
1x foolish burial
1x forbidden lance
3x mystical space typhoon
2x pot of duality
1x tuning
1x solemn warning
3x call of the haunted
3x fiendish chain
extra deck:
1x black rose dragon
2x drill warrior
2x HTS psyhemuth
2x Vulcan the divin
1x naturia barkion

1x mechquipped angineer
1x muzurhythm the string djinn
1x number 17 leviathan dragon
1x number 30 acid golem of destruction
1x temtempo the percussion djinn
2x wind up zenmaines

basic combos:
this is a loop I found while testing you follow this loop with crane crane and drill warrior loop with crane crane and drill warrior, where you can xyz summon and syncro summon infinitely as long as crane crane keeps getting sent to the grave.
call of the haunted can be used with Vulcan to grab any forgotten monster from your grave to your field and then used to syncro summon for Vulcan who by his own effect (mandatory) sends call of the haunted back to your hand to reuse.
peten does not specify where he was sent to the grave from so as long as he is sent to the grave he gets his effect off if you choose to as long as the timing works including the deck. (even as xyz material)
the marauding captains together can make it where your opponent can not attack.
thank you :
that's it please put in the comments what you think and rate the deck advice to enhance its performance and over all success is welcome
.Very Happy

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Re: my first deck of this format

Post by Phoenix on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:04 pm

good job on this deck I have not tested it but it looks good (: you are ranked up to yugi moto

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